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3 Tips to REDUCE STRESS - Back to School Edit

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

That was fast!

Is it me, or did this summer fly by so quickly? I feel like that is the way the whole year has been. Some moments (kids playing loudly) are LONG (IYKYK). However, the days end almost as soon as they begin.

My kiddos are already getting the back to school jitters! Excitement mixed with the emotions of all the unknowns...

As a mom with 3 Littles under the age of 10 years, I am always looking for better routines and plans to make school days less hectic and more organized. So, here are some tips for you as you and your Littles get ready for back to school.

Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions

Even if your kid(s) wear uniforms to school, it is so helpful to lay out their clothes for the week. Having entire outfits organized and set out for each day helps to minimize confusion and stress during the week.

When you have full outfits picked in advance, you don't have to worry about dirty, too small or mismatched outfits. All of which has definitely happened in my house, until I started setting outfits in advance. Sundays are the days I have the kids get their outfits. I also set out my toddlers clothes for the week as well. For kids that are old enough, I recommend having them set their own outfits and you double check. It helps them with independence and it frees some of your time too. I am all about delegating tasks when appropriate! My sons get their own outfits - 9 and 6 years old. They are required to set out their top, pants, socks. If a belt or jacket is needed, then I add that. On planned bath days, they add their undies so they are reminded to bath on that day. It is a great system! Of course, there will be additional bath days, if warranted!

Delegate outfit selection to your kid(s) if possible.

This closet hanging organizer is perfect for my kiddos. No confusion, no fuss. LESS STRESS! If you are really ambitious, you can organize 2 weeks in advance! Oh yeah! Now you are really READY!

ROUTINES - Not Chokeholds

On my YouTube channel, I share skin care routines, morning routines, toddler routines, hair care routines...and I also have evening routines for my family during the school year.

HOWEVER, let me stress this point, having a ROUTINE is not another stressor or restriction in your already hectic life. Instead, I look at routines as a guide to help me make sense of our family time, otherwise the evenings would be frantic mess. Am I right? Yeah. Been there, done that. Now, I have learned that having an evening plan helps to reduce stress and allow my family to be productive in the evenings.

Some things to consider when crafting your evening routine for your family -

after school activities

dinner prep and serving


quality time with your family

bath time

your evening to dos

mommy/wifey time

Lady, just know that some days will be better than others. Please don't use your routine as a scary headmistress hoovering over you with a long ruler ready to pounce if you don't get it all done, just right.

Give yourself grace. Give your family the same.

It is ok to deviate from the routine. Use it as a guide. Not a chokehold.

Make sure everyone knows the routine for the evenings. Too often we get irritated at our family because they aren't cooperative with our plans. The thing is, how can we be upset, when we didn't give them the memo? That part.

Initially your family routine might seem like a chore, especially when there are changes with new educational grades and extracurricular activities. I implore you to STICK WITH IT! As moms, sometimes it is hard for us to stick to a schedule - in the moment, it just seems easier to give into the chaos or the status quo. However, if we do that, then we will only find ourselves more and more stressed out and frazzled as the low of entropy takes over.

Stick with your new routine - even though it seems easier to give into chaos or your family norms.

Talk It Out

Remember that your kid(s) are excited and probably nervous about the new school year. Having intentional conversations about some of the hurdles they might deal with is very helpful. In my home, I frequently have quick but detailed 'check in' talks with my kids. Even my 3 year old. So often, in the hectic pace of life, we gloss over the subtle indications of how our kids are doing. It is easy to rush them off to school, rush them off to choir/band practice and then rush them off to bed. However, intentionally pausing to get details of your kid(s) day is so important.

Intentional 'check ins' allows you to keep a pulse on what they are learning from their teachers and hearing from their friends. You are able to hear about what they observe and how it impacts their views. As a Christian family, we are very protective and proactive about what our children learn from others. We are not perfect, at all, but we do teach them Biblical truths. Most truths are not the same as the social norms being taught now.

By having open communication around the dinner table or on the ride home to and from school, I am able to ask questions, give answers to their questions and remind them of what the word of God says. All in a genuine and life application way.

Teach them [God's commandments] to your children. Talk about them when you are at home. Talk about them when you walk along the road. Speak about them when you go to bed. And speak about them when you get up.
Deuteronomy 11:19 NIV

Here's an app that we use at my local Christian church. It is great for parents who are looking to connect with their family in a meaningful, Christ centered way. D6 (Deuteronomy 6) app is available for Android and Apple devices.

I pray you and your family have a fun filled, productive and peaceful school year. I pray health and wellness for us all as we start a new chapter with our scholars. I pray covering over our children's hearts and minds in Jesus' name. I declare protection in their schools and all their activities and field trips, in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen.

Help me, HELP YOU. Would you be interested in learning more about creating an effective evening routine for you and your family?

  • Yes, that would be lots of help

  • Not right now

Be sure to drop a comment below with any of your back to school tips for other moms! Thanks for being here!

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