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At Home Gym Workout Equipment from Amazon

Hey lady, I used to look forward to going to the gym. Lately, I am more eager to stay home but I still want to keep my body moving and take care of my God-given temple.

Hubby and I have found some great at home gym equipment - for awesome prices - that have made our at home gym fully functional! We still have more to do as far as the setup in the garage... but let me show you what we have so far.

Cardio Equipment

This light weight, collapsible treadmill was my 1st cardio equipment and it is a keeper! I don't use the Bluetooth feature or app because my watch (keeps track of my activities.


easy set up - hubby did it alone in about 2 hours

compact storage

quiet when in use

stand to hold phone/device when working out

has digital screen - distance, calories, speed

has safety strap for emergency turn off


Does not have incline option

I had issues using the app/Bluetooth

I love my stationery bike because it is more gently on my knees than running. This bike is effective and not bulky at all!


different intensity levels

compact style digital screen


seat is uncomfortable - so here is the seat cover we use.

This seat makes using the bike a more pleasant experience. The seat cover is not a must, but it does help a great deal. The seat cover is removable and washable. Let air dry.

Row Machine - LED Collapsible Row Machine

Get into this! My upper body is an area that I have to focus on because genetically, I am prone to larger arms...sigh. Can't have it all, right? Anyway, using a row machine at the gym was my favorite pastime, so getting this machine at HOME was a game changer!


Collapsible design for easy storage

LED screen

Quiet when in use

Different intensities

Shoe straps

Easy Gliding


...I can't think of any at this point.

Resistance Training

Lady, these bands are so versatile! I enjoy bringing them on trips to keep me on track with my workouts. Easy to pack and I can do so many different exercises with them.

These resistance bands have straps that allow me to tailor my workouts even more. I can even use the straps under a door for resistance

Let me know in the comments if you want a post about my free weights, workout clothes, waist trainer, mat, gloves etc.

Thanks for being here!

"I will either see you AT the top, or FROM the top. You decide!"

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