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Holiday Ready! Aesthetic & Functional Charcuterie Board

The charcuterie board craze has continued to increase with every Instagram and Facebook reel, YouTube short and video. The interest in charcuterie boards is totally understandable. They are perfect for party settings and make great centerpieces for gatherings.

If you’re like me – you enjoy BEAUTIFUL and FUNCTIONAL kitchen gadgets. Of course you can use a classic bread board for your charcuterie display OR...

you can use a CUTTING board. Last year I came across this beautiful bamboo, well constructed cutting board that, in my opinion, can serve as a lovely charcuterie board.

I did a little video to demonstrate how awesome this board is. It was my first time creating a charcuterie board…I think I did a decent job, especially using food items I had on hand.

Here are some aspects of the Ecozoi cutting board that I find especially helpful.


the Ecozoi cutting board is made of 100% bamboo material. Bamboo is a better choice for cutting boards as it is more resistant to cutting marks. It is more durable than wood. HOWEVER, it should be noted that bamboo needs to be oiled frequently to help keep it from becoming dry and fuzzy. Here is the oil I like to use for my boards.

Bamboo is water resistant and easy to care for. Which means that your Ecozoi cutting board will look lovely, for longer!

Functional –

When cutting and prepping foods, the 4 pull out drawers are perfect for easy clean up of trash OR to store your foods for quick refills. So, let’s say you have cheese cubes on your cutting board – turned charcuterie board – but the cheese cubes are running low, because who doesn’t enjoy cheese, right? So the cheese is running low and instead of having to go to the fridge or back into the kitchen, you can just restock, from one of the pull out drawers!? Functional, RIGHT?

Hostess with the MOSTESS (lol, I had to add that).

Multi-purpose – Having 2 grating tools comes in clutch for food prep.

Unique display

I get creative with setting up the charcuterie board! The serving space is a large surface area with the detail of the edge trough and the cut eccentric cut out rectangle is great for florals, utensils, other food items.

I am excited to use the Ecozoi cutting board at my annual Friendsgiving in November! Let me know if you have ever done a charcuterie board. What type of board is your favorite?

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