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How to Host a Successful Friendsgiving

The thought came to me one night as I was seated in my living room. It was one of the rare times I had a quiet moment to myself, that I was not too tired and fell asleep or my mind wasn’t racing working on business ideas.


3 years ago I decided that I would invite 5-6 of my dear friends to my house and host a gathering just for us ladies! Food, talking, music and at times, arts and crafts. Here are some ideas if you want to host Friendsgiving for you and your crew!


Potluck style is the way to go! As the host here is what I provide

- the main course proteins like turkey or ham

- 1 or 2 sides - like salad and rolls.

- Appetizer trays/charcuterie boards

Here is one of my favorite Charcuterie boards - bamboo, magnetic drawers, 2 ceramic cups, bottle opener, utensils, chalk and chalk boards.

I also like to do something a bit special - signature theme drinks like Apple Cider virgin Mimosas and unique sweet treats!

Check out this years’ sweet treats from Major Creations

These cakesicles are absolutely amazing - moist, gorgeous and perfectly decorated for the theme!

If you want a yummy treat for any special occasion, then be sure to order from Major Creations! She even makes these delicious hot cocoa balls that are insanely tasty!

For the remainder of the foods and drinks - I just ask my guests to bring their dish! Potluck style makes the menu far more easy and everyone gets a chance to bring their dish of choice. So at least I know that everyone enjoys at least 1 item on the menu!

Check out my Instagram page for more food, décor and homemaking.




What is a party/event without lovely décor and tablescape?

I am always looking to be bougie on a budget, even in my décor!

Check out this YouTube video where I share some inexpensive but stunning tableware items.

Check out this video where I share my tablescape from last year’s Friendsgiving.



Each year, I try to pick a different color scheme. Of course, not breaking the bank, but recycling some items I had around my home and adding a few items here and there.

I think that having a different color scheme makes the party more interesting and intentional. I mean, if you are going to do it, DO IT!

This year's color scheme, as you can probably tell from the cakesicles from Major Creations, is blush pink, off white and gold. I will add a table runner and greenery.

Follow me on Instagram for Friendsgiving day images and the full tablescape!


I have Little Ones so I try to plan my events around their nap times - if you know…you know! Of course you want to choose the date and time that works best for you and your friends. Saturday midday between 1-3 pm is the sweet spot if you have little ones with strict nap times!

Friendsgiving (n.)
A celebration similar to Thanksgiving but with a guest-list of people you like
A food and drink o'rama without the family drama.
Thankful, grateful, blessed...dinner with friends is always best


For my friends and I music, chatting and laughter is more than enough. Last year though, we decided to do arts and crafts! It was fun. Like being a child again! A short trip to the dollar store and that was all we needed to create memories and add to the moments.

This year, I plan to use conversation cue cards. Not that we need help in the conversation department, but conversation cue cards will be fun and different! A good way to get to know each other even better!

Drop some other ideas you might have below!


Thanks for being here!

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